Hi! My name is Susy and I have two children, Katy, 6, and Ben, 4. I wanted to have part time work from home to generate an extra income and so I built this site because it’s a subject that I have knowledge and experience about. And because it’s about sleep – it’s so important!

I remember how we struggled in the baby and toddler years to get a proper night’s sleep, how we wanted our children to have naps during the day, and how we wanted them go to sleep quickly and sleep through the night. It took a long time and in fact it’s only fairly recently that we wake up in the morning and feel ready to get up – and what a wonderful feeling that is, and oh, how it’s been missed!

My children are great fun and know their own tastes. My daughter has a Disney Princess canopy bed with matching bedding and wardrobe – and she absolutely loves it! She’s decorated the canopy frame with flowers, cards, butterfly lights and we’ve hung pink curtains from the frame so her bed is like a little house. She also has a Disney Princess nightlight (combined torch too) and Disney Princess pajamas and nightdress! Disney Princess is her passion and she loves being in her bed! She also sleeps with a pretty lavender-filled heart which I made for her and her cuddly old rabbit (toy rabbit!).

Ben’s passion is Spider man and his side of the bedroom (they share) is decorated with Spider man posters and he also has Spider man bedding and pajamas. He also has a racing car bedding (the duvet cover has the car controls so he can pretend he’s driving) and an airplane bedding set also with controls. He’s only just moved into a standard twin bed. Before that he wanted just a mattress on the floor on a base so that he could easily jump in and out of bed, like Spider man. He also has a Spider-man nightlight (also a torch) which has insert-able silhouettes.

Now that the children are at school and preschool I wanted to find part time work from home. I know some moms that work from home who sell for different companies (cards, candles, make up). But I didn’t want part time work from home working for someone else – my aim was to find part time work from home, work from home on line, work in my own time, at my own speed, work independently on my own project and generate an additional income.

I went for computing as I like it but I’m not a “techie” in any way. I looked for a combination of moms work at home online and tried to find a website-making program that was free and in fact, wasted lots of time researching and trying various programs.

I finally went for a program called SiteBuildIt because a friend (also a mum) uses it, loves it and is making an excellent income from her website. Her aim was to have part time work from home and she has succeeded! The SiteBuildIt guide looked very easy to follow and I wanted to pay the subscription to get an excellent product so that I could succeed in making a profitable website too.

After months of procrastinating I subscribed to SiteBuildIt in November 2008 and I am so glad that I have. I love it and strangely enough, it’s very addictive and satisfying to see a page I’ve written go up on the web! SiteBuildIt is so well written, has tons of helpful forums and really is possible for every one.

Now my brother and even my mum, both non-techies, are writing sites too. We all wanted part time work from home (my brother works full time already and my mum is retired) and we wanted to work from home on line so all we needed was a computer and an internet connection. We’ve got the SBI bug – also fun as we talk about what we’re doing on our sites! The income will mainly be from advertising and sales from our sites (all explained and made easy by SBI).

Writing this website has been a fascinating journey – I love researching and learning more about sleep, and I love finding out about the gorgeous products that are available. And writing a website – I never thought I could do that! For me, it’s the perfect part time work from home and it could be for you too.

Enthused? Do you want to have part time work from home (or you could make it full time if you wanted – it’s up to you!). And be one of the moms that work from home? Work at home around the kids? Take a look to see if it would suit you.

The amount of time I spend on it varies – a few hours a week, sometimes more, sometimes not at all, but I know it’s there ready for me to do at my own speed – perfect to fit around the family. And each time I work from home on line and do more I know that a long term income is being generated. It’s part time work from home for long term income.

I hope you’ve enjoyed USAKids.org and thank you for visiting.
Sweet dreams!