Baby and Parents Have Different Rh factor

Blood-type test should be done by pregnant women by a few reasons. This test is necessary to determine Rh factor and blood type. As for the blood types there are A, AB, B, O types.

There is also a protein in red blood cells indicating Rh factor. People who don’t carry it are Rh negative. Most people are Rh positive.

Why is it so important to know Rh of parents and a baby? If parents have different Rh factors, the baby may have health problems, especially if the mother and the baby have different Rh factors.

In case of the first pregnancy such incompatibility is not a problem. But if during delivery blood of the baby and mother intermingles, the mother’s body may produce antibodies to protect itself from invaders.

Antibody production can also be caused by tubal pregnancy and miscarriage. That is why the second pregnancy can be harmless for her. Antibodies of the pregnant woman having Rh negative factor will be able to recognize Rh-positive baby and attack his or her blood cells.

It may result in Rh disease. In turn it can cause jaundice, anemia, heart failure and cerebral damage in the newborn baby. If too many red blood cells were destroyed by antibodies the fetus can die.

How to Prevent Rh Disease?

Present-day medicine can cope with this problem. If the pregnant woman is suspected to have Rh incompatibility with her baby and she is pregnant for the first time, the doctor administers a few Rh immune-globulin shots – on the 28th week and during 72 hours after delivery.

If Rh antibodies have been developed by the body of pregnant woman, she should be monitored to determine if the level of Rh antibodies high or not. Blood transfusions are often performed after delivery in case if the level of Rh antibodies is high.

To prevent development of antibodies doctors often give pregnant women an injection of RhoGAM. Pregnant women having different Rh factors with their babies are also recommended to take it in case of bleeding, intra-abdominal injuries, and amniocentesis and in case of tubal pregnancy.

Pregnancy Announcements Tips –How to Tell Your Boss

You and your boss are in the same team, but when it comes to pregnancy both of you appear to be on the different sides of the question.

You think only about saving and normal development of your baby, while your boss may consider your pregnancy as the harm to his business and company, because everybody knows that pregnancy means frequent work absences on the days when you have to consult a doctor or feel sick.

It means that sometimes you won’t be able to perform your work in the proper way because of the qualms and even ask your boss to permit doing your work at home, while the time strictly before and after labor you’ll be absent and then have a right to ask for maternity leave.

Even if you are ready to start working at once after labor your baby will be the only thing you can think of, you’ll be looking forward to the end of working day to go home as soon as possible and see your newborn child.

All these facts can bring the damage to the work of the whole team and your boss understands it more than anyone else.

Definitely you have to tell your boss about your pregnancy even if you’re afraid of his reaction.

Choose The Perfect Time

But you should choose the perfect time for it. It’s better to announce everybody that you’re pregnant after the end of the first trimester, when you can be sure that there’s no danger of having miscarriage but give your boss enough time to get used to this situation.

Don’t let your boss find out it from someone else, because this will worsen your relations and make your boss think that you deliberately hid your status from him. Don’t wait till the time when your belly gets bigger, since there will be no excuses for you anymore.

Also you have to choose the right moment, when your boss is alone in his office and has a good mood; it would be simply the best if you tell him right after some profitable deal or successful bargain. Speak calmly discussing your pregnancy like it is another business project.

Don’t talk about future maternity leave and possible work absence. Show him that you are ready to work with the same productivity, say that there’s no way your pregnancy can influence your work and prove that you’re a responsible worker. Don’t say you’re sorry and speak optimistically!

Create Good Marriage – It is All About Growing

Celebrities often marry and divorce and all is left for us is to follow the headlines. It happens so quickly and seems that nothing of the kind takes place in lives of common people but this is a mistake.

According to statistics a high rate of divorces is found among non-famous people too. But there are always possibilities to prevent that.

The committed relationship requires much time and effort. With lots of attempts you can overcome different troubles and find understanding with your second half.

Being on common ground with your half is the main thing. In spite of many obstacles people have, despite increasing rates of infidelity, domestic violence and divorce, people are still excited about it greatly.

We are all different and all have disagreements, but this is not a problem. It is all about how we manage them to have a smart marriage. That is normal to look differently at things.

Therefore much depends in life on perception of things. The way we feel about that is the key thing. It determines the way we handle interpersonal relationships and the amount of trust to the partner. How should one make better decisions to build a good marriage?

One should understand that this is normal that we may be less satisfied with marriage when the child is born.

The desire for closeness fades too, but there are tides alongside with the period when closeness subsides, and there can be peaks too. You can enjoy these peaks for your smarter marriage.

Remember The Good Moments

Remember the moments when you did not know each other when you were in the process of building your communication. This adds flavor usually.

Every argument the couple has should be finished with makeup. Making up is important to repair the relationship to make it last longer. Do not neglect the therapy contributing to your smart marriage.

You care about car maintenance, don’t you? Why do you think that marriage is different? Besides, it will let you avoid the worst – the divorce.

We often underestimate the importance of marriage calling it private life and thinking that it does not affect your professional sphere but this is a mistake.

it determines all sides of your life in fact: health, wealth, children and one should prioritize in view of that.

Baby and Parents Have Different Rh factor
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