Breastfeeding – Why Milk Breast Feeding is So Important?

As we feed our newborn babies with breast we make the foundation of his future health because breastfeeding guarantees many benefits for mothers and their kids.

It is able to protect the child from gastrointestinal problems, infections and respiratory troubles. The baby is less inclined to have allergies if he was fed with breast.

The studies revealed that breast feeding contributes to the intellectual development. Such kids learn and master new skills better and quicker. Milk Breastfeeding is a good protection against obesity in the future.

Who would have thought that feeding in the first month of life can be so important and determine the whole life. It is beneficial for moms as well.

Breastfeeding problem is often discussed in the Internet and what is more important celebrities paid attention to this problem as well. First of all, it is known that breastfeeding contributes to the calories burning.

Extra 500 calories will disappear thanks to breast feeding to be more exact. It is so good to burn the passive calories. Among the celebs moms who discovered the benefits of quick weight loss are.

For instance, Foster continued to lose weight in spite of the fact that she ate much. Debra Messing said the same about her experience, in addition to Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Catherine-Zeta Jones and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

But Gisele Bundchen became the most noteworthy in this question. She was a bit strict saying that all mothers should feed with breast for half a year, which the special law must be accepted for it.

Later she admitted that she expressed her thoughts too harsh, but passionate attitude to the problem is clearly seen.

Baby Gender Prediction – Why Do We Need It?

Today most of people prefer to find out the gender of their future baby. First of all because it’s easier for parents as they want to be prepared morally, they have to understand all the aspects and to learn all the peculiarities of each gender.

Often when a future mom finds out about the baby’s gender, she starts thinking about her child as personality and looking for an appropriate name.

She may read a lot of books about differences between parenting and raising of every gender to know how to behave with the child, what to allow and what to prohibit, what to say in different situations so that the child could always feel love and support.

Knowing the baby’s gender gives the parents a chance to plan their future life, to imagine their baby in few years, to think about what it will be, what personal qualities they want their baby to have and what principles they will bring up to him or her.

If the future baby is the second or the third child and there are other small children in the family it will be better for them to know whether they’ll have a little brother of sister.

Giving them such information you’ll give them time to get used to the fact that soon a new member will appear in your family.

Except the moral and psychological aspect there is a material aspect, which means you can start buying some clothes, toys and different stuffs depending on the baby’s gender.

If you decided to decorate the child’s room you definitely should know the gender in order to make sure that chosen decorations and the design of the room are suitable for your future baby.

But on the other hand there can be negative sides of baby gender prediction. Sometimes a future mom before she got pregnant has a strict preference in baby’s gender she wants to have.

For example, when a woman experiences her first months of pregnancy she may be obsessed with the idea to have a son.

And when she finds out that she’ll have a daughter, she may get stress and create emotional imbalance between her and her child, which can bring damage to baby’s health.

Get Pregnant during Period – Is It Possible?

Many women still prefer to use calendar method as a way of protection from unwanted pregnancy.

However, this method proved to fail often, since there are hundreds or ever thousands of babies, born by women, who tried to keep to the calendar method of protection.

That’s why nowadays many girls and women wonder whether they can get pregnant during period?

Quite often gynecologists agree that it is possible. Though the chances to get pregnant after sex during period are sufficiently small and largely depend on the individual peculiarities of the woman’s body, they still exist and mustn’t be neglected by women, who try to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Gynecologists have been repeatedly emphasizing the fact that unprotected sex during period may not only lead to unplanned pregnancy, but also greatly increase the probability to catch an infection from the partner and get various sexually transmitted diseases as well as the risk to contract different inflammatory diseases.

It happens because during the period the mucus plug that covers the cervix becomes almost invisible and can’t adequately protect it from various infections. That’s why you should think about protecting yourself during period.

It is believed that women, who noticed sudden changes in their menstrual cycle, should be exceptionally careful.

If your period started much earlier than expected or it lasted longer than usual and caused the changes in ovulation period it means that you have irregular menstrual cycle and as the result a high possibility to get pregnant during period.

In the course of the researches it was found that sperm cells can live for several days. It was even mentioned that they can maintain their ability to fertilize up to 5-7 days.

In the case when the egg cell matured earlier than usual, and the sperm cell is still active, it becomes possible to get pregnant during period.

You can have sex during period but the process of conception will happen only in few days after it and cause unintended pregnancy.

Breastfeeding – Why Milk Breast Feeding is So Important?