Items Modern Mom Must Have to Make Her Life Easier!

Having a baby is a huge responsibility and a lot of troubles. If you’re carrying your first baby you have to be well-prepared when the baby appears and ready for a very hard period in your life.

A modern mom must think about all necessary things for her future baby, but shouldn’t forget about herself and the things that would definitely make her life at least a little bit easier.

After labor you’ll have to cope with huge number of new duties and deal with constant tiredness and sleeplessness, that’s why you have to think out how to keep a balance in your life and don’t get crazy.

So here’s the list of things and different baby products, you’ll have to use every day, designed special for a busy moms, who want to have free time and possibility to raise the baby without turning herself into a draft breed horse.

Baby Carrier is the most important thing when you have a small baby. It will be very useful when you go shopping or just walking with a baby and have to keep your hands free.

Don’t worry – it’ll be as comfortable for your baby as it’s comfortable for you. You’ll have an opportunity to make your business, while your child will be sleeping behind your back or just in front of you.

Nursing Necklace

Nursing Necklace is especially useful while feeding, since a lot of babies can pinch or push their moms. Nursing Necklace will distract their attention as they can hold it with one hand and play, not hurting you anymore.

These necklaces can be of different colors and types, depending on materials, designs and imagination of its manufacturers.

Car seat is something you must have if you often take long trips by car or just have some business in the city and don’t have anyone to look after your child.

In addition to it you have to buy a couple of car seat blankets, which will allow you to keep your baby in warmth while being in the car.

Lullaby CDs can be the real salvation for the moms, who have very loud babies or babies that refuses to fall asleep.

With the help of electronic lullaby, designed by professionals, who know what melody and sounds can make the baby fall asleep, you will save your time and calm your kid.

Ovulation Calculator – Predict Your Most Fertile Days!

An ovulation calculator is a special device developed to help women to predict the most fertile period of time during a month. How does it work?

The woman should enter the start day of her last monthly period and its duration. The device will calculate the best period to get pregnant during the next month.

On average, ovulation occurs from the 14th to the 16th day of the monthly period. Using this information and duration of the period, the ovulation calculator estimates ovulation period.

Some ovulation calculators offer not only information as for ovulation period, but the start day of the next monthly period.

The others calculate only a single date of ovulation. However, an ovulation calculator will hardly suit women having irregular monthly periods, because it calculates an average duration of the period and using this information it predicts the most fertile period.

It is also not helpful for women with very short and too long monthly periods. Such women are better to use traditional methods such as taking basal body temperature and using special ovulation predictor kits.

Anyway, even if some ovulation calculator will give the wrong start day of the next period, it may give rather accurate data as for ovulation.

If you want to get pregnant, it will be very helpful, but you also should remember three days before ovulation and one day after it are the best days to get pregnant.

And one more useful fact, sperm is active in the uterus of the woman up to 3 days after intimacy.

Pregnancy Risky Week – Facts and Precautions You Should Remember!

First four weeks of pregnancy are the most eventful period of prenatal development, since 21 days after the conception the embryo starts forming brain and spinal cord and developing nervous system.

You have to know that first four weeks are also the most risky period, during which infections, physical over-pressure, stresses and alcohol can be fatal for your baby or lead to different malformations.

That’s why it’s very important to keep balance between physical pressure and rest, surround yourself with calming atmosphere.

By the end of the 8th week fetus has a nose tip and nostrils, the mouth, the tongue and the inner ear are already formed.

The fingers are developed, but still tightened with a membrane, arms and legs become longer, though the fetus’ length is only 2.5 cm.

During this period it’s very important to keep an eye on your blood pressure and your weight.

During this period it’s very important to keep an eye on your blood pressure and your weight. The normal blood pressure must be 120/70 and if it’s increased to 140/90 you have to consult a doctor.

During the 9 – 12 weeks of pregnancy the forming of the baby’s skeletal system begins, the vascular glands start working and the baby itself starts moving, but the woman pregnant with her firstborn usually doesn’t notice these movements.

Be careful, this period is the most propitious for different diseases, especially vaginal yeast. Remember, you have to be examined by your gynecologist at least once a month to detect the disease and avoid different complications.

With the beginning of this period it’ll be very useful to be engaged in some sports activities: swimming, walking and doing special exercises at home.

To the end of 22nd week the baby’s body is getting bigger and the woman can feel baby’s pushing.

Don’t worry, if it becomes too hard – it just means that your baby develops normally, though because of this you may experience griping pains and some tension in the uterus.

Usually they aren’t dangerous but if they become regular and very painful you should see your doctor.

The rest of the months you can spend preparing yourself for labor emotionally and physically. You have to sleep a lot, walk in the fresh air and eat food full of vitamins.