So happy about that! This week has been so much better than the past three weeks. The last two days before weekend started I have got my energy back. And my appetite!

I am still careful about what I eat and don’t go for sugar, caffeine or anything too persevered.

I’ve also had my maternity exemption card, first appointment with my midwife and dates for my first scan confirmed.

It feels like I have nothing but exciting times ahead. I am very happy!


It has been an emotional week, least to say but I have made it to the other side in one piece and with a little bit more strength than the week before.

Today is a exciting day for one precious thing that I have been counting down to since I was between week 12-13. It is the day of my anomaly scan.

There is just one dominant emotion running in me and that is joy, today I will see my precious little baby again 

And I will find out the sex, which I want to know because I am ready to start planning and getting some sort of a wardrobe going.

I feel like everything is fine with the baby, it is just a feeling and I trust it because there is no point in focusing on anything else.

Only time will reveal all the information I am meant to be made aware off.


Creating a pregnant belly cast is a great way for moms to be to create a lasting memory of the baby bump.

Daddy W suggested we create a belly cast at start of my maternity leave to capture my pregnant body in a way photos and videos can’t and to create a keepsake that we can show our baby later showing what I looked like when he was inside.

To create your pregnant belly cast you can buy a kit for around £8 – £25. These kits are available on eBay, John Lewis and even some TK Maxx shops.

If you want to buy a kit just Google ‘pregnancy belly cast kit’ and click on the ‘shopping’ option to view what is available.

Daddy W and I decided to order the mod rock bandages directly from eBay and use that along with some PVA glue we already had in the shed to make our cast without the kit.

That worked cheaper at around £4 which is half what the cheapest kit we found was available for.

Best time to make your pregnant belly cast is when you are around 36 to 38 weeks pregnant.

I made mine when I was 37 weeks pregnant which was perfect as I was still able to lie down flat while Daddy W put the cast bandages on me.

You can do this while you are standing up or sitting down on a covered chair too if laying down is not comfortable.

Here is what you need to make your own pregnant belly cast:

  1. 5 rolls of mod rock plaster (of Paris bandage) (I got 8cm X 3m rolls from this retailer on eBay. The cost when I purchased mine was 3 for £2.88)
  2. A good pair of scissors
  3. Warm water
  4. PVA glue (you only need a small amount that you mix in the water to strengthen the cast and prevent it from going crumbly)
  5. A tub of Vaseline (to cover any hairy areas unless you want to have a painful waxing experience)
  6. A few old towels (or anything else you have around like a yoga mat to cover the floor or shower curtains to cover a chair if you are doing this seated)
  7. Old newspaper or magazine (to dry your mould on when it’s done)

(You need your partner or a friend to help you do the belly cast on you. This is something that would be quite hard to do on your self).

When you’ve covered the area you’ll be working on (chair or floor) and covered any hairy bits with layers of Vaseline, here are the steps to create your own pregnant belly cast:

Step one: Cut the bandages into strips to cover your baby bump.

We cut ours in smaller pieces (one inch) which meant we could shape them along the bump, breasts, nipples and belly button and smooth any edges along the way.

Step two: Mix a big table spoon of PVA glue in a large bowl of warm water. Dip one bandage at a time in the mix before laying it on the belly to start creating your cast.

We did 4 layers in total with 5 layers on the belly to give the bump some extra strength.

Step Three: The cast dried very quickly but I stayed laying down with all the layers on me for 15 minutes before Daddy W lifted it off me and put it on top of some old newspapers to let it dry some more.

That’s all you need to do to create your own pregnant belly cast. I would let it dry for at least 72 hours before starting to do any further work on it.

We’ve not made up our mind yet on how we will decorate ours. As soon as we have i’ll share the pictures on here with an update.

After the cast you’ll need a warm shower or a bath to get bits of the plaster off your skin and not to mention the Vaseline.

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